Integrity by Design®

3rd July 2023, Co-created by Nicky Garcea and Dr. Alex Linley
Cappfinity assessments are built with Integrity by Design®, giving you confidence in candidate outcomes. In light of the buzz about ChatGPT and similar AI, we affirm our commitment to integrity in all our assessment services.
We have over 18 years of data supporting our scientifically validated methods for predicting job performance. We blend various techniques to achieve an assessment validity coefficient of 0.46, surpassing the industry standard of 0.30, and have received multiple awards for our fair and diverse assessment processes.
Cappfinity ‘3D Model’
To combat cheating and the misuse of tools like ChatGPT, we have a multi-disciplinary team of experts that maintain the integrity of our assessments, including activities such as camera monitoring and an Integrity Dashboard for insights into candidate behaviour. We have also created and been following our own methodology in this regard for many years, which is best illustrated through our ‘3D Model’ for assessment provision.

We ensure legal compliance with the Equality Act and UK GDPR, offering transparent human review of assessments to support clients in legal scenarios and gaining informed consent for data processing without discrimination.

We undergo external audits for our assessments in the U.S., as confirmed by Professor Fred Oswald. Cappfinity is certified to international standards in information security, privacy, cybersecurity, and quality management.

Our global team comprises 35+ psychologists and data scientists, and 40+ software engineers across the UK, U.S. and Australia, including 6 PhDs and 30+ Chartered Occupational Psychologists, ensures global expertise in our field and reassurance for you that your talent strategy is in the best possible care when you’re working with Cappfinity.

Candidate Integrity Tracker

We are continuously monitoring candidate behaviours when taking our assessments and produce the monthly Integrity Insights Reports available below, that specifically focus on candidate test performance and scores achieved. We do this to determine any possibility of our assessments being compromised in any way and to give an additional indication of candidate integrity in the assessment process.


Cappfinity Integrity Tracker April 2024


Cappfinity Integrity Tracker March 2024


Cappfinity Integrity Tracker February 2024


Cappfinity Integrity Tracker January 2024


Cappfinity Integrity Tracker December 2023


Cappfinity Integrity Tracker November 2023


Cappfinity Integrity Tracker October 2023


Cappfinity Integrity Tracker September 2023

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