Skills Framework
Understand more about leadership capability and potential within your organization by benchmarking against the skills predictive of success.

Define the skills needed in your organisation – for a particular role, function or across the whole company. Leverage Cappfinity's leading skills taxonomy. Ensure you measure and develop the right behavioural, cognitive and technical skills not just for today, but for the future.

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Leading validated skills taxonomy
Behavioural, Cognitive and Technical
skill bank
Used by 250 clients across 80 countries
The Taxonomy of Three
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Cognitive Capability

Learned for Specific Task

The Taxonomy of Three
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Cognitive Capability

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Learned for Specific Task

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Use our validated models 
per level, role or job family 
– or create your own
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Building your framework can be as quick or as rigorous as you need
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Result is a clear, simple and engaging skills framework that serves the whole people agenda

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