by Dr Alex Linley PhD, Co- founder and CEO

Work performance refers to the level of productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness with which an individual performs their job duties.
It is a critical aspect of any organization’s success, as it directly affects the quality of work produced and the overall output of the company. Good work performance involves meeting or exceeding established goals, maintaining a high level of professionalism, and
effectively utilizing resources. To achieve good work performance, employees must possess the necessary skills, knowledge, and abilities required for their job, as well as a strong work ethic and a positive attitude.

Performance is relative and exists only in context so Cappfinity set out to develop a pragmatic, practical and simple way to measure performance for research validation purposes.

Recognizing that self-report could be distorted, we sought to overcome this by asking respondents to report according to their own point of view, as well as what they considered would be the point of view of their peers, and the point of view of their supervisor / manager.

We have documented our findings and model.

This process yielded several observations and outcomes. We will post them on this page periodically.

Dr. Alex Linley PhD

Co-Founder, CEO

Dr. Alex Linley is CEO of Cappfinity and an internationally renowned positive psychologist. As Co-founder of Cappfinity, Alex blends psychological rigor with data science and technology to develop award-winning programs that help companies identify and develop talent with strengths.

Alex developed Cappfinity’s unique strengths-based methodology and has been a Visiting Professor in Psychology since 2007. In his former academic career, Alex published over 150 academic papers and wrote or edited eight books, including The Strengths Book.

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