Flexible, data-driven, immersive leadership and development assessment


Flexible, data-driven, immersive leadership and development assessment

How does it work?

Flexible leadership assessment and development
Identify the best-matched executive talent for succession planning, internal mobility, and talent mapping
Unlock potential and build leadership strengths


Leadership Assessment and Development

Altitude by Cappfinity measures the top eight leadership skills predictive of success in role and provides deep insight on executive talent.


360 strengths development tool

InPerspective by Cappfinity provides insight into an employee’s strengths, weaknesses, skills, and potential. This interactive solution highlights areas for development and hidden talents.

What our partners have to say about us

“Cappfinity’s innovative assessment process, using the Capptivate platform not only provides us with information about a student’s potential, but it also provides the student with an insight into what a career in accountancy might look like, by using realistic tasks and imagery.”
Clyde & Co LLP
“We have seen a step change in operational efficiencies for the recruitment team, but even more importantly, the quality of diverse talent progressing through our process. This has meant that the team are able to focus on enhanced added value for candidates and an increase in diversity focused insight events in order to attract a broader pool of talent, as well as enjoy running assessment centers with a higher caliber of candidate to the delight of internal stakeholders.”
Mott Macdonald
“In professional services, hiring can be difficult because it’s about more than the capability to perform individual tasks – our staff must demonstrate a high level of commercial awareness and detail. Hiring through Futuremark enabled us to find talent with these qualities, as well as the technical knowledge to get the job done.”