Virtual Reality

Large scale global trends have created fierce demand for new ways to identify and develop talent. From ongoing economic uncertainty, purported talent shortages, unique sector trends, to the global pandemic, organizations need new comprehensive assessment and development solutions.


Virtual Reality


Support candidate attraction

Use Virtual Reality to support your attraction efforts by offering skills-based experiences.

Evaluate candidates on their reactions, behaviors, and results

As an immersive experience, Virtual Reality gives you direct insight into candidates’ reactions, behaviors and results.

Offer self-led and coach-led employee engagement or upskilling development experiences

Virtual Reality experiences can also be used to improve existing employee engagement, aid retention, and upskill through new development experiences.

Cappfinity VR has been transformational in how we can assess, train and develop individuals.

VR creates a fully immersive, three-dimensional world which can help users to focus on the subject at hand without external distractions. This kind of immersive environment leads to improved comprehension and retention.
Virtual simulations allow users to learn by doing, which is often more effective than traditional learning methods. They can practice skills in a safe and controlled environment, making mistakes and learning from them without real-world consequences.
Regardless of location, learners can access VR simulations, making development and training more accessible.
The interactive nature of VR simulations can make learning more engaging and enjoyable, leading to better learning outcomes.
VR can simulate real-life situations that would be too complex, expensive, or impractical to recreate in real life.
VR simulations can be customized to suit individual styles and paces.
VR can provide instant feedback on the learner’s performance, which can help them to understand and adapt their approach immediately.
Once a VR learning simulation is developed, it can be used repeatedly and by multiple users, making it a scalable solution for larger groups or organizations.
VR platforms can support multi-user environments, enabling learners to collaborate in a shared virtual space despite geographical distances. This can facilitate team-based learning scenarios and develop teamwork skills.
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Blended assessment

Build a more accurate picture of your candidates and their capabilities with integrated technical testing alongside assessing for behaviors and team fit.

Pre-Skill Plus

Pre-application preparation

Pre-Skill Plus offers user insights and interview preparation to talent often overlooked by traditional talent attraction and recruiting programs. Pre-Skill Plus by Cappfinity provides 24/7 digital pre-skilling, reskilling, and upskilling workforce resources.


Job Simulation

Achieve effective and efficient skills-based hiring with Simulate by Cappfinity. This immersive digital job simulation gives candidates a realistic preview of a role and delivers authentic performance insights for hiring managers and employers.


Video Interview Platform

Want to improve time to hire? Incorporate video interviews that can be completed anytime and anywhere. Snapshot by Cappfinity is an asynchronous innovative video interview platform that is convenient and easy to use.

Virtual Assessment Center

Virtual Assessment Center

Provide face-to-face engagement and connection during the final stage of a hiring process using a Virtual Assessment Center by Cappfinity. Virtual super-days and final-round engagement events hosted and facilitated completely online.

What our partners have to say about us

Mott Macdonald
Mott Macdonald
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“In professional services, hiring can be difficult because it’s about more than the capability to perform individual tasks – our staff must demonstrate a high level of commercial awareness and detail. Hiring through Futuremark enabled us to find talent with these qualities, as well as the technical knowledge to get the job done.”
Clyde & Co
Clyde & Co
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"We have seen a step change in operational efficiencies for the recruitment team, but even more importantly, the quality of diverse talent progressing through our process. This has meant that the team are able to focus on enhanced added value for candidates and an increase in diversity focused insight events in order to attract a broader pool of talent, as well as enjoy running assessment centers with a higher caliber of candidate to the delight of internal stakeholders.”
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"Cappfinity's innovative assessment process, using the Capptivate platform not only provides us with information about a student's potential, but it also provides the student with an insight into what a career in accountancy might look like, by using realistic tasks and imagery."

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