Skills Discovery Tool
Uncover the skills and potential of your people.

Know the skills distribution of your entire workforce. 
Uncover hidden skills using Cappfinity's online tool and dashboard. Measure your workforce against Cappfinity's 80 skills set so you know who you have, where.

The fastest and most rigorous measurement of skills that can be rolled out organisationally
Hosted within your own customisabale website


employees' self insight as to their skills and give the organisation real time skills data
Bundle skills from Cappfinity's skill set together, to give you data on high priority areas for your business
Use skills data to inform internal mobility, employee development and career pathways
Blend skill measurement and skill development solutions together in one customisable portal

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Blended assessment

Build a more accurate picture of your candidates and their capabilities with integrated technical testing alongside assessing for behaviors and team fit.

Pre-Skill Plus

Pre-application preparation

Pre-Skill Plus offers user insights and interview preparation to talent often overlooked by traditional talent attraction and recruiting programs. Pre-Skill Plus by Cappfinity provides 24/7 digital pre-skilling, reskilling, and upskilling workforce resources.


Job Simulation

Achieve effective and efficient skills-based hiring with Simulate by Cappfinity. This immersive digital job simulation gives candidates a realistic preview of a role and delivers authentic performance insights for hiring managers and employers.


Video Interview Platform

Want to improve time to hire? Incorporate video interviews that can be completed anytime and anywhere. Snapshot by Cappfinity is an asynchronous innovative video interview platform that is convenient and easy to use.

Virtual Assessment Center

Virtual Assessment Center

Provide face-to-face engagement and connection during the final stage of a hiring process using a Virtual Assessment Center by Cappfinity. Virtual super-days and final-round engagement events hosted and facilitated completely online.