Cognitive Skills Test

Cognitive Skills Test

Assess candidates on specific skills that impact performance using individual reasoning, relevant tasks, and realistic job scenarios.


Leverage relevant data sets aligned to today’s modern workplace to understand each applicant’s verbal, numerical, and critical reasoning skills as it relates to the job.


Give applicants an opportunity to show what they can do and gain insight on their cognitive skills through standard and efficient scoring.


Provide a best-in-class user experience for applicants with a fair and accessible cognitive skills assessment.

How does it work?

From Cappfinity Cognitive Skills Assessment is designed to provide valuable insights into each applicant’s cognitive potential as well as verbal, numerical reasoning, memory, and 
problem-solving skills.
Cappfinity Cognitive Skills Assessment presents applicants with a series of thought-provoking exercises aligned to the workplace.
The recruiter receives a detailed report after an applicant completes the Cappfinity Cognitive Skills Assessment.


Why Capptivate?
Measure cognitive skills with a fair, accessible, and robust solution.
Understand an applicant’s potential.
Expose applicants to job tasks that provide realistic work experience.
Receive a detailed post-assessment detailing an applicant’s cognitive skills and strengths.
Level the playing field for all applicants.