Transformational Leadership

Transformational Leadership

Over the past few years, conventional leadership models, lengthy hiring processes, and limited leadership development faced significant headwinds.
Large scale global trends have created fierce demand for new ways to identify and develop senior leaders. From ongoing economic uncertainty, purported talent shortages, unique sector trends, to the global pandemic, organizations needed new comprehensive leadership and development solutions.
Cappfinity can help
Building on a track record of innovation in hiring and talent mobility, Cappfinity set out to lead the way with new data driven measurable leadership and development solutions.
To do so, we took a microscopic look at conventional approaches across industry and developed innovations for the workplace of today and tomorrow. According to the World Economic Forum, as jobs are transformed by the technologies of the Fourth Industrial
Revolution, organizations will need to reskill more than 1 billion people by 2030. Cappfinity has developed a comprehensive suite of talent solutions that can help organizations navigate an ever-changing economic environment and the reskilling challenge.
Cappfinity revitalized its leadership solutions around three pillars
Cappfinity has an unparalleled view into the skills that are required of leaders in today’s workplace due to our over two decades of talent data from around the world. Cappfinity talent solutions helps talent leaders define their organizational leadership skills framework and operationalize their vision for developing leaders.
Armed with a deep heritage in behavioral science and via wide range of assessments, diagnostic and measurement tools, talent leaders can rely on Cappfinity’s talent solutions to measure leadership capability and high potential talent.
And as organizations accelerate internal mobility, succession planning, upskilling and or reskilling initiatives programs, Cappfinity’s delivers flexible, scalable, programmatic talent development solutions.
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Leadership Assessment and Development

Altitude by Cappfinity measures the top eight leadership skills predictive of success in role and provides deep insight on executive talent.


360 strengths development tool

InPerspective by Cappfinity provides insight into an employee’s strengths, weaknesses, skills, and potential. This interactive solution highlights areas for development and hidden talents.