Early Career Talent

Identify strong matches, expand your talent pool, and improve on campus recruiting

Early Career Talent

Identify strong matches, expand your talent pool, and improve on campus recruiting

How does it work?

From the moment the applicant opens a Cappfinity assessment they are immersed in your company brand and culture. Early career applicants are exposed to a realistic preview of what the job entails and the organization.
Candidates navigate challenges related to the role they are applying for, so hiring managers can be confident they are a strong match for their team and business. Hiring organizations have access to live insights into candidate performance and progress as they complete an assessment.
On completion, all candidates receive a career-based feedback report. Hiring managers receive an applicant report to assist with final stage interviewing and onboarding.


Blended assessment

Build a more accurate picture of your candidates and their capabilities with integrated technical testing alongside assessing for behaviors and team fit.

Pre-Skill Plus

Pre-application preparation

Pre-Skill Plus offers user insights and interview preparation to talent often overlooked by traditional talent attraction and recruiting programs. Pre-Skill Plus by Cappfinity provides 24/7 digital pre-skilling, reskilling, and upskilling workforce resources.


Job Simulation

Achieve effective and efficient skills-based hiring with Simulate by Cappfinity. This immersive digital job simulation gives candidates a realistic preview of a role and delivers authentic performance insights for hiring managers and employers.


Video Interview Platform

Want to improve time to hire? Incorporate video interviews that can be completed anytime and anywhere. Snapshot by Cappfinity is an asynchronous innovative video interview platform that is convenient and easy to use.

Virtual Assessment Center

Virtual Assessment Center

Provide face-to-face engagement and connection during the final stage of a hiring process using a Virtual Assessment Center by Cappfinity. Virtual super-days and final-round engagement events hosted and facilitated completely online.


What our partners have to say about us

“Cappfinity’s innovative assessment process, using the Capptivate platform not only provides us with information about a student’s potential, but it also provides the student with an insight into what a career in accountancy might look like, by using realistic tasks and imagery.”
Clyde & Co LLP
“We have seen a step change in operational efficiencies for the recruitment team, but even more importantly, the quality of diverse talent progressing through our process. This has meant that the team are able to focus on enhanced added value for candidates and an increase in diversity focused insight events in order to attract a broader pool of talent, as well as enjoy running assessment centers with a higher caliber of candidate to the delight of internal stakeholders.”
Mott Macdonald
“In professional services, hiring can be difficult because it’s about more than the capability to perform individual tasks – our staff must demonstrate a high level of commercial awareness and detail. Hiring through Futuremark enabled us to find talent with these qualities, as well as the technical knowledge to get the job done.”