The New, Post-Pandemic Hiring Realities

Nicky Garcea, Co-founder and Chief Customer Officer at Cappfinity.

Before the pandemic, it was business as usual: Everyone was tucked into their cubicles, being as productive as possible, and perhaps waiting for the next great opportunity to move ahead.

Covid-19 changed that, possibly forever. Now companies need to rethink the kinds of talent they want or need to attract, and define talent slightly differently than they were accustomed to doing. Even here at Cappfinity, we’re asking that candidates describe their strengths, soft or durable skills in greater detail, rather than focus on a history of their past experience.

What does this changing hiring landscape look like? In the customer service arena, soft skills might include traits like empathy, patience and delivering stellar advice. If those skills were developed in a restaurant setting, but the candidate is applying to work in a call center, in the past they may have been considered a poor candidate. Now, however, we see that such an individual can actually perform brilliantly across industries, based on the crossover skills they developed. As a result, we are encouraging our hiring clients to advertise with a greater emphasis on soft skills for the jobs of the future.

Where have all the workers gone?

We have definitely been hearing from many employers that the pipeline has gone elsewhere during the pandemic, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. For some, it is about hygiene factors like salary — with low-paid employees migrating away after finding better jobs with benefits and higher pay scales. Those companies are getting a wake-up call to offer more competitive pay with better benefits and perks, in order to attract better talent in the future.