Strengths Together – Cappfinity offers strengths profiles to help people across the globe discover their strengths

During April, HR tech firm, Cappfinity, is giving away Strengths Profiles to help people around the world use their strengths to build resilience, support others, and cope with the stresses created by the current situation.

Based on two decades of positive psychology and strengths research, Cappfinity has found that a better understanding of individual strengths helps people to understand why they behave and react in certain ways, making them more mindful and better able to tackle difficult situations.

Anyone who wants to understand more about their own unique make-up of realized strengths, unrealized strengths, learned behaviors and weaknesses, can use the link below to access their free profile. Throughout April, Cappfinity will also be sharing tips on how individuals can utilize each strength to help themselves and others during this difficult time.

Head of Strengths Profile, Trudy Bateman, explained how strengths work:

“A strength is much more than something you are good at or capable of doing well, it also gives you energy when you use it. We know that when people know what their strengths are and use those strengths, then good things happen. Amongst many other things, they are happier, more fulfilled, more engaged at work, more resilient, and better able to cope with stress.”

Commenting on the initiative, Cappfinity CEO, Dr Alex Linley, said:

“We thought hard about how we can be most helpful and provide support. Our purpose at Cappfinity has always been Strengthening the World and, with everything that the world is facing today, it felt right to give the gift of strengths to anyone who could use it at this time.”


To access your free profile, use this link: