Strengths, Skills, and Helping Students Navigate Rewarding Careers

At Cappfinity we pride ourselves on research, testing, and scientific rigor across our entire portfolio. This approach guides our consultative relationships with our more than 250 clients across the globe including colleges and universities. For over 16 years we have been on a mission to help people understand their natural skills or strengths along side their academic training and work experience.

Awareness of strengths and opportunities to apply them are critical at any stage of a person’s career but can be pivotal for early career talent. Students are 30 times more engaged and excited about their future when they use their strengths in the workplace. Why is this important now? Pathways for humanities and liberal arts majors and ongoing economic uncertainty has led several colleges and universities to evolve their career coaching and advisement to include science backed online assessments like Strengths Profiles. Helping students identify and or navigate their career aspirations with a lens that includes strengths provides many more career options pre and post graduation.

Many career service leaders have made the connection of self-awareness and self-confidence, to enhancing employability options for students seeking internships, apprenticeships, and full time roles after graduation. Cappfinity recently launched a special promotion to help colleges and universities introduce Strengths Profiles. Several resources are also currently available to colleges and universities including:

“Helping learners discover and realize their career goals and aspirations is at the forefront of what we do. With Strengths Profiles by Cappfinity, they’ll have the language of strengths as well,” said Manny Contomanolis, PhD, Director of the Office of Career Services at Harvard. “Cappfinity’ s strengths-based approach provides invaluable insight that helps students take charge of their career paths.”

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