#Strengthening2021 – Cappfinity launches free Strengths Profiles for individuals and new strengths toolkit for all universities and colleges

Following the success of the #StrengthsTogether campaign in 2020 that saw 25,000 people take up the offer to discover their strengths, HR tech firm, Cappfinity, has launched two new initiatives to once again put strengths to work to give people across the globe a positive boost and help build confidence and resilience.

Up until 31st January, anyone who wants to understand more about their own unique make-up of realized strengths, unrealized strengths, learned behaviors and weaknesses, along with career suggestions aligned to strengths, can use this link to access their free profile.

Cappfinity is also launching a free strengths package for universities comprising of 30 Strengths Profiles to share with students, along with a ‘Strengthen Your Career’ toolkit that includes a full interactive workshop. Universities can register for the pilot here.

Head of Strengths Profile, Trudy Bateman, explained why the company has chosen to launch the new initiatives:

“From the reception our #StrengthsTogether campaign received in 2020, we knew that people would once again value the opportunity to discover and develop their strengths. We’re passionate about helping people find jobs they love and so we can’t wait to help more universities help their students learn about and use their strengths.”

Cappfinity CEO, Dr Alex Linley, spoke about why strengths are particularly important at this time:

“Through research and experience that spans more than 15 years, we’ve found that awareness of individual strengths helps people to understand why they behave and react in certain ways, making them more resilient and better able to cope with stressful situations. Our purpose at Cappfinity has always been Strengthening the World and we’re delighted to be able to offer the gift of strengths to anyone who could use it at this time.”


Access your free profile here.