Singing Out for Strengths

Strengths changed my life. That may sound over the top but it really is true and I could not be more proud to work for an organization that puts strengths at the heart of everything we do to both identify and develop talent.

I remember so clearly the suggestion being made that I could benefit from understanding my strengths. I was twelve years into my career, had worked in a number of different roles and in different countries – yet something inside didn’t feel right about the direction I was heading.

Where I felt stuck was not feeling passionate and energized in what I did each day. Often at really low points I’d wonder how I would get through the week without an energy-boosting client appointment or lunch with a work colleague. To recognize I could pivot my career in the direction of my strengths – which meant my energy and passions – was revolutionary at the time.

15 years later, having worked with Cappfinity in many guises as a client, associate and now as part of the team – I am still utterly convinced of the power of strengths for every workplace around the globe.

What is fantastic is that until 31st January, you can discover your strengths using our world leading assessment free of charge – so please make use of this fantastic offer and pass it on to friends, family and work colleagues.

Whether you are needing to develop yourself, your team, a group of graduates, apprentices, high potentials, managers or leaders – strengths is a universal language that can revolutionize your business.

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