1000 students at Manchester Metropolitan University will be discovering their strengths through an innovative new program

Starting in September, 1000 students at Manchester Metropolitan University Business School will participate in a new strengths-based development program that will help them to discover and develop their natural strengths in preparation for future careers and the world of work.

The initiative has been led by the Department of Accounting, Finance and Banking and is part of the University’s employability strategy. Strengths-based development will be embedded across all levels of the program from first to final year, giving students the opportunity to gain self-insight and develop an authentic, strengths-based narrative that will help them to stand out to future employers.

Supported by Cappfinity’s award-winning Strengths Profile product, each student will complete an online strengths assessment that will give them a unique profile revealing realized and unrealized strengths, learned behaviors and weaknesses. Students will then receive coaching from one of 30 accredited practitioners at the University who will work with them to unlock their talent and develop self-awareness.

Hannah-Louise Holmes, Head of Accounting, Finance and Banking at Manchester Metropolitan University, explained why they chose to introduce the programme:

“We’re delighted to be working with Cappfinity on this new program initially across two of our departments: Accounting, Finance and Banking and Strategy, Enterprise and Sustainability. We are committed to providing employability support for our students and there has never been a better time to launch a program of this type.

“Now more than ever students need the confidence and resilience that understanding and using their strengths will provide. We know that when people understand their strengths and use those strengths, they are happier, fulfilled, more engaged and better able to cope with stress.”

Abi Parker, Account Director at Cappfinity, spoke about the benefits of strengths-based coaching for students:

“In our work with leading employers across the globe, we’re seeing a fundamental shift as talent acquisition leaders recognize the value of assessing on strengths, both in terms of widening talent pools and assessing cultural fit and potential. By introducing strengths coaching, Manchester Met is not only giving their students valuable self-insight and helping them to choose rewarding careers, they are also preparing them for changes in recruitment practices and placing them in the best possible position to showcase their authentic selves to future employers.”