Linklaters cuts application time for candidates with new assessment platform

A new approach to candidate assessment, developed in partnership with Cappfinity, is helping Linklaters to streamline their application process – taking hours off the average completion time whilst also providing trainee lawyers with a realistic job preview and insight into company culture.

Based on Cappfinity’s innovative Capptivate platform, the customized assessment has been designed to serve the optimal assessment blend to measure candidate performance on a range of critical thinking, behavioral and skills-based tasks.

By making the change, Linklaters hopes to improve talent acquisition by unlocking behavioral insight and building a more holistic picture of candidates. Bias-free algorithmic assessments enable the firm to look past grades, subjects and institutions and recruit for ability, fit and potential – supporting strategic diversity and inclusion goals.

The aim is to deliver an immersive, engaging experience; candidates are provided with a preview of what it would be like to work for the employer through real-world scenarios.

Alison Wilson, Graduate Recruitment Partner at Linklaters spoke about the benefits of the change,

“Following on from the recent launch of our virtual internship and Vantage program, our new approach to assessment is another example of how we are transforming the way we recruit. By assessing candidates in realistic scenarios, we believe we’ll gain a better understanding of the positive impact they could have as a trainee and how they could contribute to the success of Linklaters, now and in the future.”

Cappfinity’s Chief Commercial Officer, Paul Clark, explained the difference in approach,

“Our assessments are designed to enable businesses to get to the core of who their candidates really are. By engaging the candidate with an authentic experience that simulates the true nature of work, Linklaters can bring more rigor to the recruitment process in a way that also feels natural to the candidate.”