Humanizing Tech: Talent & Algorithms

Human Resources (HR) leaders are focused on organizational business goals, enhancing recruiting results, and employee engagement. In parallel (HR) technologies designed to attract, engage, assess, hire, and retain talent have evolved over the years.  Social and economic uncertainty have accelerated innovations in virtual candidate engagement, new forms of assessment, and job simulations. Many of these solutions helped HR leaders achieve business continuity and adopt timely and innovative solutions throughout the pandemic. Cappfinity’s Virtual Experience and Engagement platform is just one example.

HR leaders have also had to figure out ways to respond to the social justice and racial inequity as these national issues made their way into the workplace.  As a result, now more than ever organizations are using HR tech to expand their reach and recruiting efforts to include candidates who have traditionally been overlooked. The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) reported that over 85% of employers now have formal diversity recruiting programs. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) also concluded that many new recruiting initiatives are focused on targeting diverse talent pools.

However, in the absence of evidence-based recruiting and assessment methods, algorithms can perpetuate the status quo in recruiting, hiring, and development. In fact, an over reliance on HR technology can all but eliminate innovation, creativity, and screen out talented candidates. According to a ground-breaking resource from Deloitte “some algorithms are just based on prior knowledge and organizational in nature”.  So how do HR leaders attract high performing talent and foster a more diverse and inclusive workforce? Can HR tech solution providers humanize technology in a scalable way? The resounding answer to both questions is YES!  Here are three strategies to consider:

In summary, this is a pivotal time for talent leaders. As HR professionals are evaluating existing processes and new technological solutions. HR professionals can achieve recruiting, DEI, and retention goals at the same time. HR tech such as virtual candidate engagement, new forms of assessment, and work simulations can help leaders leverage their talent more effectively, measure what matters, and ultimately humanize tech.