Gen Z want to understand your culture – Here’s how to bring it to life!

Office perks, dress down Fridays and free breakfasts.  In days gone by, these were the things that often constituted a good office culture.  Graduates today, however, are looking for something far more tangible, a healthy culture means space to grow, a good work life balance and the freedom to be themselves.

According to Deloitte’s 2021 Global Millennial and Gen Z Survey, 49% of Gen Zs surveyed said they had made choices about the type of work they do and who they do it for, based on their personal values and culture.  Our Gen Z Job Success research with the ISE earlier this year, found that this generation has a wealth of skills employers want now and in the future.  So, how can you attract and retain this talent pool?

What does Gen Z want to know?

Gen Z are the generation that has always had the information they need at their fingertips.  A ‘need to know’ culture is alien to them, as they’ve grown up in a world of social media and instant access.  Therefore, they’re looking for an open culture in the workplace, with regular channels of communication.

They expect organisations to be open with their Environmental, Social and Governance policies, as well as their Diversity, Equity and Inclusion impact.  Moreover, Gen Z are the generation that do not just want to hear about initiatives, they want to see them in action.

How can you bring your culture to life, whilst getting the insights you need?

Employers are increasingly turning to digital recruitment technologies to improve both the speed and accuracy of hiring.  Job Simulation provides a welcome solution for employers to gain authentic insight of how a candidate will perform in role, whilst providing the candidate with genuine insight into the job and company culture.

Cappfinity’s Job Simulation technology, Simulate, is regularly used by employers across the globe to provide candidates with an authentic experience of the job, by presenting them with real-life scenarios via video, virtual in-tray exercises and projects.

As an employer, you receive authentic role performance insight, as you can see how the candidate deals with tasks directly associated with your work.  This is more valuable than a general skills assessment, as it directly relates to knowing whether the candidate has the potential to carry out the work you do.

What are the additional benefits of Job Simulation?

Job Simulation boasts a wealth of benefits beyond standard Skills Tests and Behavioural Tests to improve Talent Acquisition and Retention, because of the true to life tasks candidates complete.

  • Better Talent Acquisition – The ability to tailor the assessment to exactly what the job role requires, means you can assess and hire for the exact skills needed for success
  • Better Talent Retention – Because each candidate has had a realistic experience of the role and organisational culture, they are more likely to self-select out of the process if it doesn’t feel like the right fit for them
  • Better Candidate Experience – Clients use Job Simulation in place of traditional video interviews due to its highly engaging candidate experience and greater insight into candidates’ performance for role-specific situations

At Cappfinity, we provide Job Simulation assessments for a range of clients, tailoring branding, imagery and video content to each organisation’s specific needs.

Get in touch to find out more about the benefits of Job Simulation for your Talent Acquisition strategy today.