Skills Resurgence: Why now and what difference can it make?

gradireland Breakfast Masterclass March 2023 in partnership with Cappfinity

Building the graduate skills pipeline: How to attract, engage, and recruit next gen talent

Session overview:

The early careers recruitment landscape is demanding; with scores of unfilled graduate vacancies presenting ever more choice for new talent entering the job market for the first time.

As employers look ahead to attract and retain talent for their intern and graduate roles, they are faced with a cohort of applicants globally that have had an educational experience like no other, having lived through upheaval in not just their learning, but their social and family lives too.

Research from the World Economic Forum found there has been a notable deterioration in mental health since the start of the pandemic, leaving 80% of young people vulnerable to depression, anxiety and disillusionment.

Coupled with the impact on their educational experience, it’s unsurprising to note that a study from the Chartered Management Institute found that over 75% of employers believe graduates are not work ready on entering the job market, and that all students need to develop their employability skills.

In this closing session, Cappfinity President, Nicky Garcea and Chief Commercial Officer, Paul Clark will discuss how employers can create a skills-that-build-skills hiring model, along with the most effective approaches to increase candidate confidence prior to the recruitment and assessment process.

Learning objectives:

  • Understanding candidates’ perception of their skills
  • Why an increasing number of employers are switching to a skills-based hiring model
  • The most effective approaches to increasing candidate confidence through preparation and transparency
  • Identifying the skills that build skills

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