Recruit and Hire Talent that Stay

Attrition and employee turnover are challenges that can be solved. While many companies have figured out how to attract millennials, Gen Y and Z and candidates from diverse backgrounds, many have not figured out a way to ensure that they stay. When employees leave they take their talent and enthusiasm elsewhere.

Join this session to discover:

  • Ways organizations can fuel their bottom-line leveraging strengths methodology in recruiting, hiring, and development.
  • How early career talent leaders can evolve to inclusive recruiting and hiring practices
  • Best practices that improve retention that can be implemented quickly

This session will be led by:

  • Nicky Garcea
    Co-Founder/Chief Customer Officer, Cappfinity
  • Lauren Scarlett
    Consultant and Master Strengths Coach, Cappfinity
  • Stephanie J. Louie
    Vice President, Head of Graduate Recruitment and Development at HSBC
  • Melissa Angerson
    Global Head, Early Careers at Expedia Group

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