Meet & Engage – Empowering Your Future Talent During the Hiring Journey

What role can employers play in supporting candidates and ensuring equity during the recruitment process?

With a focus on the early careers market, Solutions Director Nicola Sullivan is joined by three expert panellists to discuss how recruitment processes can be a chance to level the playing field, engage and nurture candidates, and add value whether a candidate joins you or not.

Our panellists are:

Olwen Watson, Global Emerging Talent Selection Ops Lead at HSBC

Grace Clayton, Head of Volume and Early Talent Assessment at Cappfinity

Dr Iwi Ugiagbe-Green, Faculty Head of Award and progression Gaps and Researcher of Race Equity, Employability and Education at Manchester Metropolitan University

Key topics:

  • The role employers play in upskilling and readying future talent for the hiring journey and workplace
  • The outcomes and benefits of supporting and empowering candidates during the hiring journey
  • How needs have changed in the past 12months and how our panel are responding to this in 2023/24

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