High-Skill Employees: How to Hire Them and Hold onto Them

GDS Group in partnership with Cappfinity

Can skill-based hiring solve talent and workforce gaps?

In this currently unpredictable and competitive environment, employing and holding onto highly skilled individuals has never been more important. And since finding and keeping the best talent is becoming a strategic imperative for the world’s leading organizations, how can you keep one step ahead?

The answer is being proactive. Engage and nurture those hard-to-find skills by actively reviewing recruitment and development processes. Retain your talent by creating a more inclusive and nurturing workplace. Afterall, a survey by Cappfinity shows 80% of job seekers want to understand company culture before accepting any offer.

Join Cappfinity and a select group of your industry peers as we explore this. We’ll discuss how to attract, empower, and retain the best performers, so your business can maintain an agile workforce, succession plan, and survive market volatility. Share your own experiences and discuss best practices in this Meet The Boss roundtable.

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