Developing Wider ‘Early in Careers’ Talent

ISE and Cappfinity webinar

A combination of acute talent shortages and the genuine drive to be more inclusive have meant that forward-thinking organizations are looking to widen the talent pool from which they recruit Early in Career Professionals (EiCPs) – to include ex-servicemen/women; ex-offenders who have been supported to be job-ready; those returning to work after a break (such as parenting); and gifted, diverse graduates who lack belief/ access to large corporates. 

These more diverse EiCPs have different needs, concerns and background contexts that affect the onboarding support and early development that will help them flourish in their new roles. Without tailored support, many will experience high imposter syndrome and find it harder to ‘fit in’ or demonstrate their so far untapped talent.

Join us in our webinar in partnership with ISE to explore how we can help onboard and develop these EiCPs so that they can bring their unique perspectives, counter-point thinking, diverse experiences and resilience to help your organization stay ahead of the curve; and enable these individuals to grow into their new careers.

To share their practical experiences and challenges in ‘Developing a Wider Early in Careers Talent Pool’ – we will be joined by:

  • James Fellowes – Founder, Bridge of Hope Careers
  • Marissa Sanders – Head of Early Careers, Irwin Mitchell LLP
  • Helen Barker – Early in Career Professional, former Social Worker 

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