Cappfinity unveils industry-leading leadership solution based on global strengths research

Cappfinity’s Altitude solution launches this week introducing a new, strengths-based approach to leadership assessment and development based on extensive research spanning more than a decade.

Altitude helps to inform recruitment decisions by providing deeper insight into executive candidates and enables businesses to create data-led, personalized development programs to strengthen critical leadership skills.

At the heart of the solution are 8 leadership strengths, identified from analysis of data from more than 5000 leaders and managers, and meta-analysis of over 100 leadership frameworks. Cappfinity’s in-depth research focused on the strengths that drive leadership impact in the ‘new normal’ of digital, dispersed, agile organizations.

Director of Leadership Assessment, Celine Floyd, spoke about how Altitude can support businesses at this time:

“Against a backdrop of ongoing uncertainty, businesses are rethinking approaches to recruiting and developing executive talent to focus on the strengths that will help leaders navigate the challenges created by the pandemic. Altitude is a strengths-based, flexible solution that can not only help businesses identify the best-matched executive talent for their organization, but also support other critical processes including succession planning, internal mobility and talent mapping.”

Stephanie Hopper, Director of Development Solutions explained the approach for leadership development:

“With the 8 leadership strengths as the foundation, organizations are able to build a development program that enables them to unlock leadership potential by promoting self-awareness in their leaders, so they are better able to recognize their limitations and leverage their strengths.”

To support the launch of the new product, Cappfinity has released a new whitepaper, A guide to the key strengths needed for leadership success in 2021, explaining what the 8 leadership strengths are, why they are important and how to identify leaders with these attributes. Request a copy here.