Cappfinity transforms Gen Z hiring with Virtual Reality and immersive work previews

Strengths-based talent acquisition and management solutions provider, Cappfinity today announced its newly expanded suite of immersive virtual reality experiences designed to help talent acquisition leaders recruit and retain strong candidates.

The new VR experiences are the latest addition to Cappfinity’s suite of recruitment and development solutions that evaluates behaviors and provides role-specific insights for hiring managers. Cappfinity’s end-to-end talent solutions will be on display and demonstrated June 7-9, 2022 at the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Conference and Expo in Booth 300, Portland, Oregon.

Nicky Garcea, Co-founder and Head of America Sales at Cappfinity, explained: “From an employer’s perspective our new VR solutions and digital work simulations offer unforgettable candidate experiences and transformative unbiased insights that support informed hiring decisions.

“Observing a candidate’s behavioral strengths is the catalyst to identifying potential, discovering untapped talent pools, harnessing adjacent skills, and reducing bias in hiring.  With Cappfinity’s newly expanded suite, talent leaders can look to accurate predictors of success for a particular role which is critical to fast and fair hiring, as well as high impact onboarding and employee retention.”

Competitive hiring environment

38% of Americans landing jobs since January 2021 quit within a year, according to a survey conducted for The Wall Street Journal by pollsters YouGov and Cappfinity. Also importantly, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), the top skills employers are seeking today include problem-solving skills (85% of respondents), analytical/quantitative skills (78.6%), and the ability to work in a team (76.3%).  But the skills shift over time, which is why it’s important to leverage accurate predictors of success to a specific role.

Job Seekers want to showcase their strengths too

According to Cappfinity’s Candidate Driven Job Market report, Gen Z and Millennial job seekers want to showcase their abilities.  One in four respondents said they would like to show how they would approach tasks associated with the job they are applying for. This can be achieved via realistic job previews and virtual work simulations.

To date, talent acquisition leaders across the U.S. have come to rely on behavioral science central to Cappfinity’s forward-looking job analysis, standardized behavioral interviews, realistic job previews, virtual assessment centers, and candidate preparation solutions.

Cappfinity’s full suite of talent acquisition and management tools which now includes VR experiences, will be demonstrated at NACE 2022 in Booth 300.  Further details can also be found via Cappfinity’s online product page.