Our products

Across Talent Acquisition and Talent Management deploy best in class solutions to your Talent challenges with standout experiences and innovative technology.

Success analysis

The starting point for all assessment design, Success Analysis is in-depth analysis to identify the attributes needed for high performance in a specific role within your organization.

Preparation Plus

Preparation Plus provides an unbiased way to assess talent, providing more opportunity and exposure for students from historically underrepresented groups, traditionally missed by many campus recruiting efforts.

Technical Assessment

Capptivate is a digital assessment, blending behavior and cognitive assessments to provide a rich, immersive candidate experience and identify the best-aligned, diverse applicants ready to take to the next stage.

Video Interview

Snapshot is an asynchronous innovative video interview platform that is convenient to access and easy to use.


InPerspective is the world’s first strengths-based 360 tool that measures both performance and energy.

Assessment Centers

Our Virtual Assessment Center technology enables you to replicate a face-to-face Assessment Center online.

Strengths profiling

Strengths Profile gives you powerful and unique insights into your realized and unrealized strengths, learned behaviors and weaknesses.

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