Cappfinity appoints Lindsey Pollak as Brand Ambassador for game-changing VEE solution to early career recruiting

HR Tech firm, Cappfinity, is working with Lindsey Pollak to bring the company’s new Virtual Experience and Engagement platform to the early careers marketplace and help talent leaders find the best-matched, career-ready, diverse talent for their businesses at an earlier stage.

The innovative solution combines 1) Virtual Experience for students and recent graduates, where they can gain self-insight, strengthen skills and practice work simulations with 2) Virtual Engagement for employers, enabling them to widen their talent pool and evaluate candidates in a way that removes unconscious bias.

Cappfinity launched VEE following research with 30+ global talent leaders in the US, UK and APAC that highlighted the need for a bold shift to virtual with campus recruiting strategies to reach and attract more diverse talent.

Based on Cappfinity’s extensive experience working with clients across the globe to remove bias from hiring processes, VEE takes the job seeker on a guided learning journey involving strengths self-assessments, strengths development exercises and work simulations. On completion, an accreditation is awarded that learners can include on their resume and share with future employers to show they are ‘Certified Career Ready’.

Cappfinity CEO, Dr Alex Linley, spoke about the appointment:

“As a leading expert and thought leader in the early careers market, we’re delighted Lindsey is working with us on the launch of VEE in the US and globally. Lindsey brings a wealth of knowledge and experience working with businesses and institutions to support diversity and inclusion efforts, and helping students and graduates succeed in a competitive and changing job market.”

Speaking about her new role as VEE Ambassador, Lindsey Pollak commented:

“I’m thrilled to be working with Cappfinity on this initiative. VEE is arriving at a pivotal point for the early careers market; now more than ever students and graduates need support and guidance as they prepare to start their careers. By opening up access to free tools and resources that can help them to become career ready, Cappfinity VEE is helping to level the playing field and build confidence in candidates and connect them with real job opportunities.”