Cappfinity announces partnership with Codility to accelerate tech talent recruitment

HR tech firm, Cappfinity has launched a partnership with engineering recruitment platform, Codility to help businesses win the war for talent and identify best-matched candidates at volume and speed.

The integrated offering will provide employers with a holistic picture combining both insight into coding skills as well as the innate strengths of the individual, and candidates will benefit from a seamless, immersive experience as they work through real-life scenarios and engaging skill assessments.

Together, the two companies bring 26 years of experience to the digital assessment and development market. Cappfinity, Chief Commercial Officer, Paul Clark outlined why they’ve chosen to launch the partnership now:

“The challenge of finding and retaining highly qualified engineers to work in tech has never been so great, with an ever-increasing focus on digital transformation globally.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics has estimated that they will have a shortage of around 1.2m engineers by 2026, whilst the latest figures from The Institution of Engineering and Technology state that the economy already suffers a loss of £1.5bn per year due to STEM skill shortages.

 In a fiercely competitive talent market, the ability to make informed hiring decisions at speed is critical and our partnership with Codility will give businesses the data they need to react quickly and be confident in the choices they make.”

 Codility, CEO, Natalia Panowicz added:

“We’re excited to pair our specialism with that of Cappfinity to help businesses identify and hire new engineering talent quickly and at volume.

 “We believe that partnering with Cappfinity will empower recruiters, hiring managers, and business owners to evaluate the engineering skills they need, whilst giving talented individuals the opportunity to showcase what they can do, whatever their background.”