Cappfinity and Clients Sweep the Awards: Celebrating Success and Excellence in 2023

Cappfinity is honored to be recognized with awards for our work with clients to advance assessment and selection, upskilling, and talent attraction using virtual reality (VR). These awards highlight joint efforts to improve early career hiring and the candidate experience. Here is a summary of the recent wins:

Best Assessment and Selection, Institute of Student Employers

Nestlé called on Cappfinity to create a strengths-based approach to recruitment that supports diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I). This project ultimately resulted in a new selection process, job simulation, and an in-depth analysis of the behaviors, values, strengths, and skills. To date, the award-winning project has been a huge success in terms of talent attraction and candidate experience, and has enjoyed positive outcomes across DE&I and social mobility. Nestlé has a 13% assessment attrition rate compared to a global average of 22%. You can learn more about this award-winning assessment and selection process here.

Business Innovation Award, National Association of Colleges and Employers

And the good news continues! We are thrilled to receive the inaugural Business Innovation Award from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) for the VR Internship of the Future with Ernst & Young UK & Ireland. Global clients often call on EY to solve their organizations’ biggest challenges. Tech talent plays a vital role in how these challenges are solved. However, EY discovered that early career tech talent are weighing their options and not considering roles at EY. Cappfinity partnered with EY’s student recruitment team to address this challenge. This led to the creation of the EY VR Internship of the Future. An industry-first, EY interns follow a five-week journey using their VR headset. From virtually sitting in on an initial client meeting in week one, through to a final ‘pitch’ to senior EY stakeholders in week five, interns learn, plan, and prepare in a virtual setting. Here is more information about VR for attraction.

Best Assessment and Selection Strategy, The FIRM

Next up, National Health Service, Graduate Management Training Scheme (NHS GMTS) and Cappfinity received the coveted award for Best Assessment and Selection Strategy at The FIRM Awards 2023. NHS GMTS wanted to revamp their multi-stage assessment and framework. NHS GMTS also wanted to attract more diverse candidates so that cohorts would be reflective of the communities NHS serves. It was also important to provide candidates with an opportunity to see NHS GMTS culture and values during the assessment and recruitment process. This award-winning project delivered on all objectives and reaped a 34% increase in offers acceptance from Black, Asian and minority ethnic applicants.  

Innovation in Education Award, University Industry Innovation Network

Finally, Cappfinity’s work with University College Dublin (UCD) Innovation Academy was recognized by the University Industry Innovation Network. Using virtual reality to provide preskilling, career readiness, and preparation is gaining significant traction as more colleges and employers build a bridge from college to careers. Together, UCD and Cappfinity developed Virtual Reality for Future Skills. In this module, students serve as Chief Operating Officer at Lightning Bikes, an e-bikes company. The students’ journey through a series of scenarios is tailored to challenge and nurture key skills that cut across jobs, tasks, and academic disciplines. Read more about Cappfinity’s work with the UCD Innovation Academy here.

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