The Cappfinity Story

The last few years have spawned a complete transformation in the way we live and work. Stressful life situations, remote work environments, and emerging technologies have put us all to the test – but they have also revealed hidden potential in skills we didn’t realize we had before. Some of us showed unwavering grit in the face of adversity, while others connected deeply with others through empathy. These natural skills make up who we are at our very core. They are what make us uniquely “us” …and without question, they have become our new norm.

At Cappfinity, we believe that it’s time to evolve the way we recruit and develop talent to meet this new norm, and that building a successful team and company culture goes far beyond the “checkboxes”. 

Our products, solutions and services help organizations observe and analyze behavior, attitude, motivation in context, unlike machines. We provide hiring and talent mobility solutions that help organizations truly understand each candidate and/or employee at their core. Cappfinity solutions help hiring managers and organizations unlock and tap into hidden potential. In practice, existing employees and new hires are placed in positions and teams where they can use their skills and strengths to deliver the most value. When this happens, we witness truly incredible outcomes: increased productivity, increased job satisfaction and retention, and improved work output.

Wide scale business transformation can be hard, but it also provides us with an opportunity to become stronger, together, no matter what the future may hold.

Since 2005, Cappfinity has helped organizations like Accenture, Latham & Watkins, Ernst & Young, Expedia, and the United Nations place candidates and employees in positions where they can use their skills and strengths to deliver value and meet business objectives. This is achieved with online assessments, virtual job simulations, robust candidate reports, fast and fair talent matching, hiring, upskilling, leadership development, and succession planning product, solutions, and services.