The Great Realignment

Much has been said about ‘The Great Resignation’ – but is this even the right frame or issue to tackle? Based on our 16 years’ experience of strengths interventions, coupled with over 20 interviews with senior global Talent & HR leaders from a range of industries during Q1 2022, dicuss how a strengths-focus at all levels is key to reversing the negative Great Resignation to a positive, future-focused ‘Great Realignment’.

To share their practical, global experiences in dealing with ‘The Great Realignment’, we are joined by:

  • Lara Partridge, Global Head of Talent at Santen Pharmaceutical (Singapore)
  • Adam Schuster, Chief Human Resources Officer at EHE Health (New York)
  • Anna Vila Pouca, Group Talent Development Lead, Marks & Spencer (UK)

About Your Hosts

Stephanie Hopper – Stephanie is Director of Talent Practice for Cappfinity, an organization that identifies and develops talent for organizations all around the globe in line with our purpose of ‘Strengthening the World’. She works with clients and colleagues to deliver cutting edge development experiences using a range of technology and human insight through programs and experiences that help individuals and organizations reach their full potential.

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