Early Careers as Activists

In Partnership with the ISE

Early Careers as Activists

Gen Z are taking the lead in redefining what they expect from organizations as a result of witnessing life-changing events – from Covid, lockdowns and not able to do their exams; to Black Lives Matter and increasing societal challenges. The world changed just as they were about to step into it. This uncertainty has driven a need for Gen Z to be highly agile and resilient, which has carried over in their ‘activist’ approach to careers and their expectations of employers.

In our webinar in partnership with the ISE we explore how we can harness this positive activism, give ECPs a genuine voice, and demonstrate to our new joiners how we as organizations are changing and learning to meet the high standards they rightly expect so that we continue to attract and retain the best and brightest thinkers of this generation.

To share their practical experiences and challenges in embracing the new reality of ‘Early Careers as Activists’, we are joined by:

  • Kathryn Marshall – Apprenticeships Senior Manager at Lloyds Banking Group
  • James Mitchell – Senior Manager, Early Talent at Cognizant
  • Debra Easter – Director of Employability Services at Nottingham Trent University
  • Eshe Barzey – EY Graduate and previous 10000BlackInterns candidate

About Your Hosts

Stephanie Hopper – Stephanie is Director of Talent Practice for Cappfinity, an organisation that identifies and develops talent for organizations all around the globe in line with our purpose of ‘Strengthening the World’. She works with clients and colleagues to deliver cutting edge development experiences using a range of technology and human insight through programs and experiences that help individuals and organizations reach their full potential.

Stephen Isherwood – Stephen promotes excellence and innovation in the resourcing, assessment and development of emerging talent. Delivering comprehensive research on a range of issues affecting graduate, intern and apprenticeship recruitment and development, including current and future trends and benchmarking data.

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