Gradireland – Breakfast Masterclass

Gradireland, in partnership with Cappfinity, are delighted to present “Recruiting the workforce of the future: Creating an Authentic, Innovative and Sustainable Candidate Experience”

Even after the disruption of the pandemic and now the economic uncertainty arising from the war in Ukraine, Ireland’s unemployment rate of 4.3% in September is lower than the pre-pandemic level of 4.9% So attracting the right talent who will be energised by your graduate programmes and build a career within your organisation, has never been more important – or challenging. In this event, we will hear insights on the candidates’ journey as they transition from university to the world of work, and how creating the right applicant experience can secure the talent most likely to thrive in your organisation.

Many students currently in higher education will work in jobs that don’t yet exist and tackle problems that haven’t yet emerged. Communication, team work, adaptability, leadership and critical thinking consistently rank among the most important and enduring skills students need to learn. Eleanor Kelly, Head of Strategy at UCD Innovation Academy, will discuss Ireland’s first dedicated undergraduate module to nurture transversal skills through their new Virtual Reality programme, co-designed with Cappfinity.

Hannah Murray – Early Talent Manager at Accenture Ireland, will then share insights on Accenture Ireland’s Discovery Portal – an innovative recruitment framework that while delivering an authentic and unique candidate experience, delivers improvements across a number of hiring KPIs, including inclusion and diversity.

Finally, Cappfinity’s Co-Founder Nicky Garcea, and Cappfinity’s Chief Commercial Officer Paul Clark, will discuss which trends and innovations are having the most positive impact on the candidate experience – and share examples where employers strike the right balance between candidate experience and recruitment outcomes.

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