Behavioural Assessment

Assess your applicants for their true potential to succeed based on their behavioural alignment to what matters most to your organization and what matters most for success in the role.


Allow your applicants to showcase their best self and demonstrates their strengths and behaviours relevant to your roles

Assess in the context of the role


Build a picture and benchmark your applicants against their behavioural alignment to your positions

Set thresholds and cut-off points based on relevant insight aligned to the role


Deliver your assessments via an integration to your technology or use the Cappfinity platform

Enjoy the benefits of an integrated assessment experience

How does it work?


From the moment the applicant opens Capptivate they will feel immersed into your brand and culture. By showcasing the reality and context of the role, all applicants have an accurate understanding of what the job entails, and by presenting candidates with challenges and dilemmas related to the role, you can be confident they are right for your business.


You will have access to dashboards that provide live insights into candidate performance and progress as they complete the assessment.


On completion of Capptivate, all applicants receive a fully branded, career-based feedback report. Hiring managers can also receive an applicant report to assist interviewing and onboarding.

Why choose Capptivate?


Measure the skills, attributes and strengths that matter to your business now and in the future


Demonstrate a commitment to diversity and inclusion by leveling the playing field for all applicants



Enhance your employer brand by creating a rich candidate experience


Optimize efficiency by digitizing recruitment processes and blending assessment types


Identify the best-matched candidates for your business


What candidates say


of candidates agreed that the format and layout of the assessment was clear and easy to use


of candidates agreed that the assessment was interesting and insightful to complete


of candidates agreed that the assessment gave them an insight into what it would be like to work at the company

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